VII Salacgriva International classical music festival masterclass


In Salacgriva from July 29th  till August 7nd 2016, will take place the VII Salacgriva International Classical Music Festival, where will perform the best Latvian and world classical music performers. The festival aims to show the diversity of classical music - the sound is just as wonderful when the world's best performers, both novice and Jazz Orchestra are playing concerts in crowded concert halls, churches, outdoor on water floating stage.

Masterclasses are giving the opportunity to share experiences and creative experience Salacgriva classical music festival will hold also masterclasses for talented Latvian music school children, students and foreign students.

Masterclass objectives

  1. Promote Latvian, foreign children and student, who are learning instrument play, professional direction and creative growth.
  2. For masterclass students who are learning instruments in professionally oriented or secondary music schools, give opportunity to improve their skills and learn the latest European and World Music Trends in supervision of music professors.
  3. To promote classical music playing capabilities in Latvian regions due to children and youth skills development leaded by music professor.
  4. Empower children and students to feel the world's best music teacher training requirements and styles.
  5. Give opportunity to children and students to visit the most outstanding Latvian and world classical music artist concerts during Salacgriva VII International Classical Music Festival.

Masterclass organizing

The Master classes will held a piano, violin, cello, viola  performing classes. Each masterclass participant will have the opportunity to explore the master lass teacher experience and knowledge of the instrument playing, select a music masterpiece for playing. The selected piece will be played in concert of the masterclass participant concert in Salacgriva Culture House on August 7nd 2016.


Children and student selection for master class

The choosing of children and students in masterclasses will be organized by Salacgriva classical music festival fund, coordinator Ilga Tiesnese. Salacgriva classical music festival fund will send informational e-mails to all Latvian professional guidance music schools and all secondary schools, with music education programs. In the Informative e-mail will be given the following information: the masterclass program, teachers, technical - practical information, contact.  Every school will be able to send the most talented students for masterclasses. To apply for student masterclass they need to fill in the attached form. The application – student has to select and give the chosen musical masterpiece notes. If the master class will notify more students than expected, the students will be chosen by following musical characteristics, rated by Salacgrivas classical music festival's artistic director, Alexey Lundin. Each one instrument master class will be opened for 7 to 10 students from age 7-24 years.

Master class Technical Organizing

Latvian music school and high school children till age 12 have 8 day masterclasses – and the cost for participant is 96 EUR, children and students from age 12 and older have 10 day masterclasses – 120 EUR. Foreign students till age 12 have 8 day masterclasses – and the cost for participant is 500 EUR, students from age 12 and older have 10 day masterclasse and the fee is 600 EUR.

Membership fee shall be paid in Salacgriva classical music festival fund –

Salacgriva classical music festival fund,Dārza 1, Svētciems, Salacgrīvas pagasts, Salacgrīvas novads, LV – 4033

Reģ. Nr. 40008231937

A/S Citadele banka

kods PARXLV22

konts LV70PARX0016434810001

With reference: Entry fee for the masterclass and the students name, surname

Masterclasses will take place Salacgriva children music school (Address: Salacgriva, Pernavas Street 29) and Salacgrivas culture house. Children and students will stay overnight in  Salacgrivas school dormitory, three meals a day (breakfast, lunch, dinner) will be held in Salacgriva high school cafeteria.

All masterclass participants will have a certificate after the studies.

Information about the project organizers

VII International Salacgriva classical music festival is organized by Salacgrīvas classical music festival fund.


Coordinator Ilga Tiesnese – Salacgrīvas classical music festival fund coordinator  64071987, 29262996,

VII International Salacgrīva classical music festival masterclass camp INFORMATION FOR PARTICIPANTS - Questionnaire

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